We are volunteers that came together to assist people in our district.

  • People who have real problems in accessing transport or coping with long journeys.

  • The service is provided by drivers who use their cars to provide transport to people who struggle to access public transport, due to a variety of reasons. 

  • Especially where there is a need to access services that are essential and/or in the interest of their general wellbeing


Where we are Now​​

  • We have set up the scheme and recruited drivers. Drivers covered by Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PPG Adults) clearance.

  • We have bought equipment and provide training to ensure that we are up to the job.

  • We are subsidising journeys to make the service more affordable to passengers. The cost to Passengers will be 20p per mile and to the drivers 45p per mile (the driver's expenses cover the cost of running their vehicle to HMRC rates)

  • We have raised funding from grants and donations. ​We are very grateful to everyone that supports us.